Using rhythm games to escape office boredom (Bullshit Jobs excerpt)


Quick description of I used Indian rhythm games to help keep my mind alive through the grey mundanities of my former life as an office worker (included under a pseudonym in Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, radical anthropologist David Graeber’s book on the rise of meaningless employment under late capitalism):


bs jobs excerpt


“The frustrated musician in me has come up with ways of silently learning music while stuck at my corporate desk. I studied Indian classical music for a while and have internalised two of their rhythmic systems. Indian approaches are abstract, numerical, and non-written, and so open up ways for me to silently and invisibly practice in my head.


I can improvise music while stuck in the office, and even incorporate inputs from the world around me. You can groove off the ticking clock as dull meetings drag on, or turn a phone number into a rhythmic poem. You can translate the syllables of corporate jargon into quasi hip-hop, or interpret the proportions of the filing cabinet as a polyrhythm. Doing this has been a shield to more aggregate boredom in the workplace than I can possibly explain. I even gave a talk to friends a few months ago about using rhythm games to alleviate workplace boredom, demonstrating how you can turn dull aspects of a meeting into a funk composition.”

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