Making Music: Sounds & Compositions


I play guitar, tabla, sitar, & santoor in London, recording and performing with open-minded collaborators. I release sounds as ‘Rāga Junglism’, mixing jazz, Indian classical, oldskool jungle, etc…



• No Kanjira •

  • Acoustic guitar, sampled kit drums, and my (broken-skinned) tabla – plus a shattering of Jesse Bannister’s soaring Indo-jazz sax improv…

Loops etc

Plenty of roombound time during London lockdown 2020-22. Send me ideas, images, words, scenes, anything…

  • ‘Double-side’ capoing: (“A DIY capo hack to turn 6 strings into 12: tune to DADGAD, capo at 11fr, and pluck on ‘both sides of the bar’. Transform your guitar into a microtonal harp!”):

  • Parameshwari slack-bends [loop #3]:

  • Vocalised melodic improv [loop #2]:

  • Sitar-style articulations [loop #1]:



The hundred-stringed Hindustani box (well, 92 on mine) – with roots in Kashmiri Sufi music. See my santoor primer for Darbar.

  • Glides & slides – improv [2021]:



A more recent activity…just for fun

  • Stones in my Passway – Robert Johnson’s angular cross-rhythms:


Guitar World studies

Dozens of short, fully-scored etudes for my Fresh Repertoire lesson series: focused on distilling core concepts from various global musical traditions, and reappraising some familiar guitaristic ideas along the way…


[more on the way…lemme do some mastering]


• Odds & ends •

…assorted sonic things…

  • Session projects: e.g. recording guitar parts for a BBC1 wildlife soundtrack (The Great British Year) – I remember playing along to a surprisingly violent deer chase.
  • From wayback: some fingerstyle acoustic flamboyance as a teenager (Blues for Tommy):

George Howlett | Rāga Junglism

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