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Tuning, though a universal guitaristic experience, rarely gets its dues. Few other instruments give as much freedom to choose a ‘starting canvas’ – unlike a piano, horn, or drum, the guitar can move fluidly between different tunings, opening up fresh geometries and spaces of the imagination at every turn. And, many facets of musical learning are unique to these zones…

The ‘World of Tuning‘ explores how we can get the most out of our peg-twisting rituals. Stemming from my Guitar World lesson series, the project examines tuning horizons from multiple musical angles: practical, harmonic, historic, social, scientific, spiritual, and so forth. We take a global view, incorporating ideas from a worldwide variety of string traditions – India, Hawaii, Madagascar, Mali, and beyond…

Menu of Tunings (100+) • Altered-tuned artists  Divine Indian drones Global instrument tunings • Joni’s stringed canvas Alpha-melodic games Double-sided harp-capoing • Tales & quotes Megatable: hidden relations Glossary Submissions  About Feedback

There’s perhaps no better guide to alternate tunings than George Howlett’s ‘World Of Tuning’: with its compendium of 100 tunings, each helpfully accompanied by recorded samples, details on the intervallic relationships between strings, and bios of the guitarists who invented or popularised them…” (The Wire: Unofficial Channels, Aug 2022)

Everything here will stay perpetually open-access and 100% ad-free. Mainly, I hope these pages will bring creative joy, and catalyse fresh questioning around what we – and the guitar – are truly capable of.

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How can we best utilise our tune-up time? Why don’t we choose our starting notes as we do our chords? What can we find in the guitar’s under-explored microtonal capabilities? And which global traditions offer unique insights?

Menu of Altered Tunings (100+) •

In-depth database: ‘Palate expander’ of 6-string tunings from around the world – with notes, songs, origin tales, etc (see Tag List):

¡Random Tuning!
Std. | Drop | Open | Interval | Global | Artist | Misc.

An intrepid guitar researcher has assembled a list of over 100 tunings (and he’s just getting started…). Stuck for ideas? Feeling uninspired? Not sure how to relight your six-string spark? George Howlett’s comprehensive collection of global tunings is sure to help!” (Guitar World, Dec 2022)

EADGBE (‘Standard’)Eb Std. (‘Hendrix’)D Std. (‘Tone Down’)Db Std. (‘Iommi’)C Std. (‘Two-Tone Drop’)B Std. (‘Baritone’)F Std. (‘Raise’)G Std. (‘Terz’)Drop DDouble-Drop DDrop C (‘Neon’)Low Drop C | Drop A (‘Slack Thwack’)Dmaj (‘Vestapol’)Dmin (‘Bentonia’)Dsus (‘DADGAD’)Gmaj (‘Taro Patch’)Gmin (‘Banjo Minor’)Gsus (‘Sawmill’)Cmaj (‘Wide Major’)Cmin (‘Wide Minor’)Csus (‘Wide Modal’)Amaj (‘Spanish’)Emaj (‘Vestapol’)Emin (‘Cross-Note’)Fmaj (‘Low Taro’)Fmin (‘Low Banjo’)All Min. 3rds (‘3s’)All Maj. 3rds (‘4s’)All Fourths (‘5s’) | All Tritones (‘6s’)All Fifths (‘7s’) | All Min. 6ths (‘8s’)AirTap!Albert Collins’ FmAlbert King’s F6 | Ali Farka TouréAlphabetAtta’s CBağlama (‘Saz’) | BanjoBlack CrowBlown a WishBruce PalmerCabbageCarnatic DroneCello (‘Haircut’)CharangoCoyoteDraculaDrop DGEad-GadEquilibriumEtherealFujiFunky AvocadoGambaleGhost ReveriesGodzillaGothicHaja’s BbHejiraI Only SaidIcarusIrisJack’s ChikariJosé GonzálezKabosy (‘Leonard’s C’)KarnivoolKeola’s C (‘Wahine’)Lefty Flip (‘Mirrored’)Lute (‘Vihuela’)Magic FarmerMath Rock FMauna Loa C6MesopotamianMi-composé (‘Elenga’)NashvilleNew Standard (‘Fripp’s NST’)One-Tone Drone (‘Ostrich’)Only ShallowOrkneyOud (Arabic)Oud (Turkish)Overtone SeriesPapa-PapaPapuan Four-KeyPink MoonPlace to BeRakotomavoRoadSchizophreniaSquare-Neck DobroTeardropTen Years (‘Decade’)Wind of ChangeYvette’s Dadd9Zen Drone (‘Dulcimeric’)Zigzag Thirds (Maj.)Zigzag Thirds (Min.)

Altered-tuned artists: 13 innovators •

Prominent peg-twisters: A haphazard selection of global guitarists who have twirled at their headstocks to great effect…

Joni | Drake | Hedges | Pahinui | Page | Martyn | Mongrain | McKee | Gomm | Howard | D’Gary | Sonic Youth | MBV | More

Global instruments: intriguing tunings

Worldwide configurations: Look to global tunings for new inspiration – Indian sitars, Malian koras, Balinese gamelan, etc

Sitar | Kora | Santoor | Hang | Hardingfele | Gamelan | Tabla | Jaltarang | Well-tuned piano | Jaw harp | Palaeolithic flutes | Vocal cords | More

Tanpuras: 26 divine Indian drones •

Longform drones: Heighten your overtonal awareness and inject psychedelic jam texture – HQ tanpura samples in all keys

Sa-Pa | Sa-ma | Alternates | Role | Mysticism | OriginsBuild | Mechanics | Today

Joni Mitchell’s 6-stringed canvas •

Lesson article: How does Joni’s ‘colour palette’ approach to tuning and songwriting draw from her lifelong passion for painting?

Early sparks | Hejira | Dulcimers | Joni’s paintings | This Flight Tonight

‘Alpha-melodics’: well-tuned words

Linguistic layouts: What do spelling-derived tunings reveal? Beautiful BAGDAD, crunchy CABbAGE, dissonant DECADE…

Alphabet-melody | Guitar games | Challenge | Examples | Global word-music

‘Double-siding’: a DIY harp-capo hack

Dark sides of the strings: Tune to DADGAD, capo at 11fr, and pluck on ‘both sides of the bar’ for some ethereal 12-string magic

Accidental discovery | Two-faced fretboards | DADGAD cp.11 | Capo+tuning combos | Third bridge guitar | Global instruments | Questions

Tuning tales, quotes, & musings •

Direct insights: A slap-dash selection, from mosquito romance and wolf-howl illusions to death-legends of the Norwegian fiddle

Guitarists | Global traditions | Science & nature | Microtonalism | Misc.

Crowdsourced Tunings: Reader Submissons •

Audience submissions: More tunings sent in by readers, spanning open minors, partial capos, differential 12-strings, etc…

e.g. Winston | Nagy | QuerolRamsby | James

Glossary: tuning terms & definitions

Conceptual clarity: Solidify your vibratory understanding with plain-term definitions, analogies, audio clips, & more

e.g. Anti-Pythagorean | Beau Geste effect | Binaural beats | Consonance | Hz | Imperfect root | Inharmonicity | Lefty involution | Magic temperament | Maqam | Meantone | Nada brahma | Non-octave scale | Overtone | Paucitonality | Pitch | Raga | Tetrachord | Tritave | Tuning | Undertone | Wolf fifth | Xenharmonic

Megatable: hidden interrelations •

Comparison spreadsheet: Analysing all 100+ Menu tunings – intervals, tensions, Hz, etc. Please peer-review my DIY science!

Megatable | Basic dimensions | Generative fields | Other calculations

Feedback: ideas & corrections •

Submit feedback: Help ‘tune’ the World of Tuning – send in your ideas, suggestions, corrections, etc (all credited!)

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More soon: e.g. ear tuning, overtone scales, microtonal tweaks, spiritual & scientific dimensions, etc (click to expand)

[Tuning by ear: the best methods]

Self-reliance: How to mix chords, melodies, harmonics, & fretmatches – and warm up your ears, hands, & musical mind

Why tune by ear? | Overview | Fret-matching | Melodic phrases | Chordal checks | Natural harmonics | Combinations | Considerations | More

[James Taylor’s string-stretching puzzle]

Tuning puzzle: Can we accurately reach his microtonal ‘stretch’ without a tuner? And what is ‘inharmonicity’ all about?

Stretched tunings | What is inharmonicity? | The puzzle | Solution: basic beating | Solution: beat pairing | Evaluation | Practicals | More

[Overtonal scales: invisible geometries]

Natural harmonic sequences: Uncovering the hidden patterns of the ‘fretless fretboard’ via my ‘overtonal scale explorer’

Invisible fretboards | Techniques | Exploration methods | Overtonal scale sequencer | Discoveries | Global natural harmonics | Expanding the search

[Microtonal guitar: the infinite spaces]

Off-grid intervals: How can we harness the guitar’s expansive microtonal capabilities? Between the frets, around the world…

What is microtonality? | Necessary imperfection | Stretching | Sweetening | Going fretless | n-edo | Çoğulu’s designs | Quarter-tones | Overtones | Raga sruti | Meantone | Freestyle | In the studio | Ear training | More

[Tuning: the ‘impatient meditation’]

Multimedia essay: Examining tuning from multiple perspectives: Vedic myth to modern neuroscience via anti-colonial Andean folk

Tuning through time | Hawaii to the Himalayas | Nada brahma | Ritual dimensions | Global tuning metaphysics | What’s the point? | More

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George Howlett | Rāga Junglism

— rāga: ‘that which colours the mind’ —

(Dedicated to Nigel Tufnel: a true tuning connoisseur)

George Howlett is a London-based musician, writer, and teacher (guitars, sitar, tabla, & santoor). Above all I seek to enthuse fellow sonic searchers, interconnecting fresh vibrations with the voices, cultures, and passions behind them. See Home & Writings, and hit me up for Online Lessons!

“An intrepid guitar researcher…”

(Guitar World interview)

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