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I cover topics loosely related to jazz, rhythm, and global improvisation, drawing on my experiences playing guitar, tabla, and santoor. Above all I aim to enthuse fellow musical searchers, connecting new textures and abstract sonic interrelations to the human voices, cultures, and passions behind them.


In the past couple of years I’ve written for The Wire, Jazzwise, Jazzed, MusicRadar, and Música Macondo, with subjects ranging from Coltrane and Hendrix to Balinese microtonality and West African polyrhythm. Currently I’m an Indian classical musicologist, alongside teaching for Guitar World. Here’s a list of (nearly) everything so far. Broader CV here – and get in touch!



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‘Fresh Repertoire’ series: mainly my lesson articles for Guitar World – finding fresh fretboard perspectives via global musical ideas, and reappraising a few familiar guitar topics along the way (2018-)


Living Traditions: 21 articles for 21st-century Indian classical music – in-depth collection for Darbar, exploring how music with ancient roots is adapting to a fast-paced, interconnected modern world (2019)


—Interviews: Subcontinental stars in their own words

—Explorations: Indian classical from different perspectives

Other Darbar writing: articles, events, projects, etc (from 2018)

  • Artist Database: 150+ multimedia bios of our past performers
  • YouTube channel: 300+ video descriptions on musical context
  • Darbar VR360: covering the world’s first fully VR music festival
  • Raga writings: e.g. Darbari – musicological, historical, spiritual
  • Community: e.g. obituary of Pt. Ramakant Gundecha [n.b. note]
  • Concert programmes for Barbican, Southbank, & Sadler’s Wells
  • Editing 80+ shorter articles by author & critic Jameela Siddiqi
  • Social media, press releases, engagement with academia, etc


Everything you didn’t realise you wanted to know about guitar tuning…from ancient myths to modern psychoacoustics (out 2022!)


Various events from 2016, mostly jazz & global concerts in London (…the spectre of free press tickets helped get me into music writing in the first place)


Ongoing series of quick articles for Ragatip, spanning various topics related to South Asian music and culture – folk & classical roots, modern fusions, historical & spiritual foundations, geographical oddities, etc (launched 2020)


—On camera: interviewin, demo’ing instruments I play

—Profiles: quick bios of fascinating South Asian artists

—Instruments: short intros and sonic samples

—Cultural: assorted snapshots, primers, & oddball tales


John Coltrane left behind some cryptic, handwritten notes entitled ‘Scales of India’. I’ve been trying to work out which ragas they are, where he found them, and what he might have been doing with them [in progress]



Ongoing non-commercial project: 40 fascinating North Indian ragas in sonic, geometric, and cultural depth – new sources, fresh explanatory techniques, and lots of direct input from the masters (out 2022!)


Musical breakdowns, interviews, speculations, early writings, etc (from 2016)


Before music I worked in systemic global dev activism, and also dragged myself through 5 years in corporate consulting (see ‘Bullshit Jobs’ above)

  • ‘Workplace Activism Handbook’: how to push for ethical change from within the private sector (v2 draft on request)
  • Assorted global dev projects with GiveDirectly and GWWC, including speeches given at Harvard, UC Berkeley, & UCL
  • Personal correspondence with Gary Otte (1971-2017), spanning his final five years on death row in Ohio (via Human Writes)
  • Urbexing Bristol’s Railway Hotel: looking inside a long-derelict local landmark (photos & writeup for 28 Days Later forum)
  • (…sadly, the student magazine I did some terrible teenage travel writing for has long vanished from the web)

George Howlett | Rāga Junglism

rāga – ‘that which colours the mind’

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