George Howlett – musician, writer, teacher

rāga: ‘that which colours the mind’


Recent Works

  • Living Traditions: 21 articles for 21st-century Indian classical music (Darbar) – collection exploring how music with ancient roots is adapting to a fast-paced, interconnected world. Features artist interviews alongside in-depth essays on various social, technical, and mystical dimensions of the music itself.
  • The ‘impatient meditation’: a fresh, multi-pronged approach to tuning (Guitar World) – a flexible, efficient method designed to enhance cognitive focus, fretboard awareness, ear strength, and hand health as well. Includes a breakdown of existing methods and some of the science behind string vibration.
  • No Kanjira (with Jesse Bannister) – collaboration with the Indo-jazz sax master mixing acoustic and electronic sounds. I sent him a harmonics-laden, microtonal drum loop and cut together the improvisation he sent back, adding a jungle-infused solo on my superdeep, broken tabla.

Selected Articles

Selected Lessons

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George Howlett is a London-based musician and writer. I play guitar, tabla, and santoor, and write about topics loosely related to jazz, rhythm, and global improvised music. I’m currently recording a Rāga Junglism EP and collaborating with some dedicated, open-minded people from around the world. Hit me up with your ideas!