rāga – that which colours the mind


Making Music:



Lessons & Explorations:

  • Shakti’s Remainder Bar Rhythms – flow in odd-time using a flexible Indo-jazz rhythm trick
  • Rāga Jungle: Turntables, Tablas, & Tālas – similarities between Jungle/DnB and classical tabla soloing, hidden in plain sight
  • Rāga Basics for Guitar – Hindustani introduction lesson for MusicRadar [forthcoming]
  • Alankar: ‘Indian’ Melodic Ornamentation – slides, bends, & vibrato lesson for MusicRadar [forthcoming]


  • Haphazard website for George Howlett, musician and music writer. I play guitar, tabla, santoor, and hand percussion, and write about topics loosely related to jazz, jungle, rhythm, and Indian Classical. I’m currently a writer-in-residence for Darbar Festival, and am recording a Rāga Junglism EP. Email me here.