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EADGBE (‘Standard’)Eb Std. (‘Hendrix’)D Std. (‘Tone Down’)Db Std. (‘Iommi’)C Std. (‘Two-Tone Drop’)B Std. (‘Baritone’)F Std. (‘Raise’)G Std. (‘Terz’)Drop DDouble-Drop DDrop C (‘Neon’)Low Drop C | Drop A (‘Slack Thwack’)Dmaj (‘Vestapol’)Dmin (‘Bentonia’)Dsus (‘DADGAD’)Gmaj (‘Taro Patch’)Gmin (‘Banjo Minor’)Gsus (‘Sawmill’)Cmaj (‘Wide Major’)Cmin (‘Wide Minor’)Csus (‘Wide Modal’)Amaj (‘Spanish’)Emaj (‘Vestapol’)Emin (‘Cross-Note’)Fmaj (‘Low Taro’)Fmin (‘Low Banjo’)All Min. 3rds (‘3s’)All Maj. 3rds (‘4s’)All Fourths (‘5s’) | All Tritones (‘6s’)All Fifths (‘7s’) | All Min. 6ths (‘8s’)AirTap!Albert Collins’ FmAlbert King’s F6 | Ali Farka TouréAlphabetAtta’s CBağlama (‘Saz’) | BanjoBlack CrowBlown a WishBruce PalmerCabbageCarnatic DroneCello (‘Haircut’)CharangoCoyoteDraculaDrop DGEad-GadEquilibriumEtherealFujiFunky AvocadoGambaleGhost ReveriesGodzillaGothicHaja’s BbHejiraI Only SaidIcarusIrisJack’s ChikariJosé GonzálezKabosy (‘Leonard’s C’)KarnivoolKeola’s C (‘Wahine’)Lefty Flip (‘Mirrored’)Lute (‘Vihuela’)Magic FarmerMath Rock FMauna Loa C6MesopotamianMi-composé (‘Elenga’)NashvilleNew Standard (‘Fripp’s NST’)One-Tone Drone (‘Ostrich’)Only ShallowOrkneyOud (Arabic)Oud (Turkish)Overtone SeriesPapa-PapaPapuan Four-KeyPink MoonPlace to BeRakotomavoRoadSchizophreniaSquare-Neck DobroTeardropTen Years (‘Decade’)Wind of ChangeYvette’s Dadd9Zen Drone (‘Dulcimeric’)Zigzag Thirds (Maj.)Zigzag Thirds (Min.)

• Tones •

How many notes do the open strings offer?


Criteria: Tunings made up of exactly two different notes


Criteria: Tunings made up of exactly three different notes


Criteria: Tunings made up of exactly four different notes


Criteria: Tunings made up of exactly five different notes


Criteria: Tunings made up of exactly six different notes

• Twists •

How many strings differ from Standard tuning?

Twists: 1

Criteria: Tunings with one string changed from EADGBE Standard

Twists: 2

Criteria: Tunings with two strings changed from EADGBE Standard

Twists: 3

Criteria: Tunings with three strings changed from EADGBE Standard

Twists: 4

Criteria: Tunings with four strings changed from EADGBE Standard

Twists: 5

Criteria: Tunings with five strings changed from EADGBE Standard

Twists: 6

Criteria: Tunings with all six strings changed from EADGBE Standard

• Geometries •

What is distinctive about the tuning’s shape?


Criteria: Tunings with same-toned adjacent notes (e.g. ‘A-A…’)


Criteria: Tunings primarily focused on lowering the 6str (and/or 1str) only


Criteria: Tunings which repeat a single interval throughout (a.k.a. ‘regular’)


Criteria: Tunings which span 19 frets or fewer (=Octave + Perf. 5th)


Criteria: Tunings of two notes, separated by a perfect 5th (up or down)

Odd Jumps

Criteria: Tunings with all odd-semitoned intervals (3, 5, 7, 9…)

Power Bass

Criteria: Tunings with 6-5-4str set to a power chord (1-5-1)


Criteria: Tunings which break the ‘each string higher than the last’ pattern


Criteria: Tunings which go lower than C2 (=6str down by ≥5 frets)


Criteria: Tunings which transpose EADGBE’s ‘5-5-5-4-5’ sequence


Criteria: Tunings which span at least 28 semitones (= 2 octaves + a major 3rd)

• Harmonies •

Which chords do the open strings sketch?

Maj. 7th

Criteria: Tunings with Major 7th open harmony (1-3-5-7)

Maj. triad

Criteria: Tunings with Major triad open harmony (1-3-5)

Min. 7th

Criteria: Tunings with Minor 7th open harmony (1-b3-5-b7)

Dom. 7th

Criteria: Tunings with Dominant 7th open harmony (1-3-5-b7+)

Min. triad

Criteria: Tunings with Minor triad open harmony (1-b3-5)


Criteria: Tunings with Suspended open harmony (sus4/sus2: 1-4-5/1-2-5)

• Contexts •

Where do the tuning’s origins lie?


Criteria: Full list of all 100+ tunings on the Menu


Criteria: The modern guitarosphere’s most prominent altered tunings


Criteria: Tunings from around the world – Mali, Hawaii, Madagascar, Peru, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Papua, & more


Criteria: Tunings based on a specific non-guitar instrument


Criteria: Tunings with no string raised more than a single semitone


Criteria: Strange tuning concepts to shuffle up your head…


Criteria: Tunings used by Hawaii’s amazing kī-hō’aula (‘slack-key’) guitarists


Criteria: Open tunings often used by classic slide guitar masters

• Tunings by Menu category •
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