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• F-A-C-F-C-F •

Fostered to facilitate the viral virtuosity of Erik Mongrain’s lap-tapping style…


Albert Collins Fm

• F-C-F-Ab-C-F •

Take a high-wound blues walk with the jovial owner of a 100ft amp cable…


Albert King F6

• C-F-C-F-A-D •

Favoured by the Mississippi colossus towards the end of his legendary life…


Black Crow

• Bb-Bb-Db-F-A-Bb

Deep-sided double-octave designs drawn from Joni’s drumless funk…


Blown a Wish

• F-C-F-Bb-Bb-G •

MBV’s odd DADGAD tweak, with a glorious variety of horizontal intervals…


Bruce Palmer (‘Judy Blue Eyes’)

• E-E-E-E-B-E •

The long, multi-chaptered history of Woodstock’s greatest love song…


Cello (‘Haircut’)

• C-G-D-A-B-E •

Expand your low-end capacities with Pavement’s stacking of perfect 5ths…



• C-G-D-F-C-E •

Joni’s graphic tale of flirtation is built on a close-clustered major sequence…



• C-G-C-F-Bb-D •

Robust interval pairs from Don Ross, set in a neat descending order…



• G-A-D-E-A-E •

Architectural low balance by Erik Mongrain, well-scattered with stable 5ths……



• D-A-C#-F#-C#-D •

Electric fretboard tapping from Ichika Nito, with divergent parallel octaves…


Funky Avocado

• B-A-D-G-A-D •

Bass-buzzing funk from Michael Hedges, jammed over a local disco…



• A-D-G-C-E-A •

Like a 6-3str capo at 12fr, unearthed via synth patches by Frank Gambale…


Ghost Reveries

• D-A-D-F-A-E •

Good enough for the Swedes who claim to be the ‘world’s most evil band’…



• Db-Ab-Eb-E-B-E •

Don Ross’ tantalising blend of bassy slackness and high-end clarity…



• Eb-G-D-A-Bb-C •

Ichika Nito’s complex chordal canvas places different tones on each string…



• C-G-D-F-G-C •

Stretching to divine arpeggiations, from helping Joni’s ‘run with honour’…


I Only Said

• E-A-B-G-G-E •

Kevin Shields’ vast shifts present phase-friendly unison possibilities…



• B-D-D-D-D-D •

John Rzeznik’s odd-wound power ballad balances purity with dissonance…


José González

• D-A-D-F#-B-E •

Lute-like nylon-string magic from the low-fi Swedish songwriter…



• B-F#-B-G-B-E •

Australia’s low-tuning prog explorers place a power chord in the deep…


Magic Farmer

• C-F-C-G-A-E •

Michael Hedges’ pensive arrangement for calmer harmonic relationships…


New Standard (‘Crafty’)

• C-G-D-A-E-G •

An ultra-wide system for clarifying your melodic motions…


One-Tone Drone (‘Ostrich’)

• D-D-D-D-D-D •

Bury your head in the layered octaves of only a single tone…


Only Shallow

• G-G-D-G-B-D •

MBV’s iconic shoegaze drones offer a narrow-centred suspension……


Pink Moon

• C-G-C-F-C-E •

Unearthing the ambiguous moods in Nick Drake’s solo songwriting…


Place to Be

• C-G-C-F-G-E •

A wide-spread major layout from Nick Drake’s fast-strummed folk…



• E-A-D-E-B-E •

Nick Drake’s concise 3str-drop, ideal for multi-rooted fingerpicking sequences…



• F#-F#-G-G-A-A •

A highly unorthodox tone-trio, designed to disorient the familiar…



• D-A-D-A-B-E •

José González acoustifies a heart-beating Bristolian trip-hop anthem…


Wind of Change

• D-D-D-A-D-F#

Low D-drones, pinched from George Harrison by Peter Frampton…


Yvette’s Dadd9

• D-A-D-F#-A-E •

An ascent-narrowing interval stack explored by Yvette Young & co…


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