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Intervallic (a.k.a. ‘regular’) tunings: all adjacent strings are separated by the same number of semitones [6 tunings]

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All Minor 3rds (‘Diminished’)

• G-Bb-Db-E-G-Bb

Jumping in narrow threes will clarify your octave-slicing abilities…


All Major 3rds (‘Augmented’)

• E-Ab-C-E-Ab-C •

Splitting the octave up into three jumps of four frets each…


All Perfect 4ths (‘Regular’)

• E-A-D-G-C-F •

Simplify the fretboard’s geometry by eradicating the 3>2str ‘kink’…


All Tritones (‘Symmetric’)

• C-Gb-C-Gb-C-Gb

No, it was never banned as ‘the Devil’s interval’ – listen to why…


All Perfect 5ths (‘Quintal’)

• A-E-B-F#-C#-G#

Walk upwards through the first half of the cycle of 5ths…


All Minor 6ths (‘Aug. Flip’)

• F-Db-A-F-Db-A •

Go ‘inverse augmented’ with ultra-wide eight-fret jumps…


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