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I play guitar, tabla, and santoor (Himalayan dulcimer) in London, recording and performing with open-minded collaborators. I release music as Rāga Junglism, loosely fusing jazz, jungle, Indian classical, and more.




BlackLineNARROWERNo Kanjira (with Jesse Bannister)


Collab with Indo-jazz sax master Jesse Bannister – I sent him the loop and broken tabla solo, and he sent back a 17-min improv full of Indian melodic turns, rhythmic ambiguity, and more. Cut up and down into the final track – stretching notes, splicing melodies, etc.




Lockdown loops & sketches


Plenty of roombound time for loops, sketches, odds during London lockdown 2020. Send me ideas, words, images, scenes, anything…




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Other Music

  • Lots of lesson studies written for articles in Guitar World and other publications, spanning odd-time blues and jazz walking bass to Ghanaian polyrhythm and Malian kora harp music.
  • Various session projects, including recording guitar parts for a BBC1 wildlife soundtrack (The Great British Year) – I remember having to play along to a deer chase.
  • Aged 19 (nearly a decade ago), performing some Tommy Emmanuel-style fingerstyle acoustic in Somerset.

George Howlett | Rāga Junglism

rāga – ‘that which colours the mind’

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