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A rare-but-charming raga of the Agra gharana, Khem Kalyan is a Kalyan variant with Hansadhwani-like touches. Deepak Raja recounts decoding its phraseology from old recordings, having failed to find a guru who knew it: “This was no ordinary raga…not even just another rare raga. It was a special raga, perhaps beyond reach without a guru…The raga has a quadratonic ascent of stark tonal geometry (SGPNS), with each swara having equal weightage. The descent is hyper-heptatonic (SNDPMmGRS), with tivra Ma being deployed subliminally (as in Shuddha Kalyan), and shuddha Dha deployed subliminally (as in Bihag). The zigzag phrasing [is] essential…”.

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—Ashwini Bhide Deshpande (2018)—



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